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The Army Public Health Center Extranet provides a process for APHC and Non-APHC Customers to easily request access to internal APHC web resources. If you are experiencing issues with either the Extranet registration process or with requesting access to any internal APHC resource you may find that one of the helpful tips below may assist you in solving your issue. If none of the tips below help resolve your issue, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and a APHC G6 employee will contact you directly to help troubleshoot your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns:

Course Registration (CREG) Help Items

How do I request an Extranet account for the Course Registration (CREG) Application?

The following document walks through the process a Non-CAC user would follow to request an Extranet Account, then access the desired SharePoint site, located on the APHC Extranet.

Click here to view the PDF version of these instructions.

Server Error received after clicking 'Apply' button in the Course Registration (CREG) Application.

Your Internet Explorer browser may display an error upon selection of the Apply button. Users who see this issue will also see their browser’s Compatibility Mode icon displayed in blue.

  • The Compatibility Mode icon appears in the URL bar of your browser window, and looks like a sheet of paper that has been ripped in half.
  • Select the icon with your mouse and it will change from blue to gray.

This change of settings will allow your browser to view the form as it was designed.

  • Select the Back button.
  • Select the Apply button again and your page will load properly.

Click here to view the PDF version of these instructions.

Extranet Home Help Items

I'm getting a CAC Login Error.

Users receiving a CAC Login Error will need to Clear SSL Slate and Browsing History to resolve this issue.

Click here to view step-by-step directions to resolve this issue.

Why do I need an account?

In order to register and use any extranet application/course, you must first have a APHC extranet account. Once an extranet account has been created, you will then be able to register for the desired course/application.

The Course Registration (CREG) Application directs users to the APHC Extranet whenever they select one of the following links on a course’s Course Details page:

  • The Apply link.
  • The Add name to Course interest list link.

An account (With valid CAC or Username/Password) is required to access this site.

Help for logging on with CAC

There may be cases where the CAC account is not associated with your account, it is locked, or it is disabled. These instructions give solutions to the issues as needed:

  • If you have a Username and Password that the CAC account is not associated with, you will receive a message "This CAC cannot be used to login".
    1. You have the option to login with a Username and Password and associate your CAC account in the Edit profile page from the 'Select Action' dropdown.
    2. You have the option to click the link 'Don't have an account yet? Register for one now'. At this point, you will need to select an application and click on the 'Register with a CAC' box. Then, enter the email address and follow the procedures.
  • If you receive the message 'Your CAC account is locked'.
    1. You have the ability to contact the proponent and have them unlock your account for you.
  • If you receive the message 'Your CAC account is disabled'.
    1. You will need to contact your proponent or contact Global Service Center (GSC) (1-800-600-9332) and log a ticket in order to have your account enabled.

Updating your email address.

This section details the process one should follow to change their associated Army Public Health Center Extranet email address from the legacy to any non-AKO email address.

The Process

  • Navigate to the Extranet home
  • Login using your username and password
  • Select the Select Action drop down, then the Edit Information list item
  • Enter your non-AKO* address in the Email field (replacing the address)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Submit button
  • You will return to the Extranet action screen where you can select the Logout link

Your email address has been successfully updated to reflect your non-AKO address

Click here to view the PDF version of these instructions

Still Having Problems?

APHC Employees:

If none of the above tips solved your issue please contact the Global Service Center (GSC) (1-800-600-9332) to have a ticket created.

Non-APHC Employees:

If none of the above tips solved your issue please complete the form below which will send an email containing your issue details to APHC IMD personnel.
APHC IMD Personnel will troubleshoot your issue and contact you regarding next steps. Please be sure to enter correct contact information to ensure you are able to be contacted directly.

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